• Conducting qualitative research, from ethnographic style research to more standard depth or group research.
  • Commissioning quantitative research, and interpreting a sea of numbers into meaningful insights and conclusions.
  • Mining your existing research to find the insights behind the insights.

In-House Planning

  • Providing senior planning support to advertising and communication agencies on on-going client business and new business pitches.

Brand Strategy

  • Re-positioning a tired brand, or positioning a new brand, either domestically or globally.
  • Helping you define a powerful brand purpose that can inspire your organizational culture, as well as marketing and communications.
  • Helping to create marketing efficiencies and effectiveness through a consumer-centric brand architecture

Communication Strategy

  • Working within agencies, or acting as a bridge between marketers and their agencies.
  • Developing a communication strategy that can achieve your commercial objectives.
  • Leading teams to develop integrated communication and engagement strategies across paid, owned and earned media.

Workshop Facilitation

Skillful, energizing and inspiring facilitation including:
  • Truth mining workshops
  • Brand purpose workshops
  • Engagement strategy workshops
  • Innovation workshops

Across-The-Pond Cultural Translation

Helping clients, who are either based in the U.S. or UK by designing and conducting research, interpreting existing research, acting as a facilitator between your different geographic teams, or helping you develop and refine your brand and communication strategies to incorporate specific market needs.