“Maria weaves narrative storytelling into data-driven arguments resulting in creative inspiration and comms planning that has clients wanting more of her time.”

John Gerzema, Executive Chairman Brand Asset Consulting

“If you want to get brilliant strategic thinking, call Maria. If you want to get it with the minimum amount of moaning and the maximum amount of energy, call Maria. If you want inspired creatives, calm account people and happy clients, call Maria. If you want things done with speed, intelligence, diligence & bags of charm, call Maria. If you want to minimise worries and maximise output, call Maria. If you want to sleep easier at night knowing that problems will rarely arise, and if they do they’ll be solved before you wake, call Maria. You should call Maria. I’m really glad I did.”

Kevin Chesters, Executive Planning Director, Mcgarry Bowen

“Maria is the real deal. Smart as a whip, incisive, passionate, creative, a brilliant writer, researcher, strategist, presenter — there is nothing this woman can’t do.”
Megan Kent, Founder and President, Brand Synchronicity, New York

“If you want a strategic planner that will get to the heart of your brand’s truth then there’s no-one better in my estimation than Maria McHugh. “
Andrew Nebel, Former Director of Marketing and Communications for Barnardo’s, UK