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E-Lites: Smoking reinvented or branding recycled?

As I was flicking through the newspaper on the plane the other week, a print ad for E-Lites stopped me in my tracks. I am not a smoker, or a reformed smoker, but the ad stood out for me, and I wanted to analyse it a bit more to understand why.


The E-lites brand position themselves as the champions of ‘self belief’.  It is done in a way that portrays the audience as independent, self-sufficient and autonomous. Masters of their own destiny. Interestingly, this can be thought of as a return to many of the positive attitudes and ideals that surrounded smoking at the middle of last century. The idea of a rebel, a leader, someone who is separate from others and self-sustaining. The idea of emancipation.  This sheds light on some of conventions of their executions. The lone person that faces a grand outdoor landscape they must contend with is very much symbolic of independence and self sufficiency.

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