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When creativity shatters innocence

3032796-poster-p-1-shell-lego-greenpeace-commAt this year’s D&AD Awards five White Pencils were awarded, honouring examples of creativity for good.  One of the winners was the Greenpeace campaign Lego: Everything is not awesome by the agency Don’t Panic.

This was an extremely clever campaign that leveraged characters from the Lego movie, showing them slowly drowning in oil in order to leverage  the public’s support to persuade the Danish toymaker to cut its longstanding sponsorship arrangement with Shell, and to protest against Shell’s drilling in the Arctic. The campaign also re-worked the song Everything is Awesome from the movie, from an upbeat track to a downbeat cover.

During the three-month campaign, over one million people worldwide had emailed LEGO to ask it to end its partnership with Shell, resulting in LEGO caving in and ceasing its arrangement.

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