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Lidl seizes its moment to make play while the sun shines

Print ads rarely grab my attention, but this one did. It’s by Lidl, one of the upstarts in the grocery sector. (Click on it to read).

lidl-sun-advertThe brand was taking a smart swipe at Morrisons’ new loyalty card scheme –  ‘Match & More’ – that promises to price match your shopping against  Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco as well as Aldi and Lidl. Here’s a snippet  of what it says:

  • Go to the Morrisons website
  • Find the ‘loyalty card scheme’ page
  • Set up your online account
  • Create memorable password
  • Hand over some ‘minor details’ about your self such as name, last name, email and postcode
  • Etc. etc.

A brilliant bit of writing (well done TBWA) and a brilliant bit of sniping.  Beware Goliaths when you take a pot shot at a David that is growing in scale and confidence. They won’t take it lying down.

We are seeing a pretty seismic shift in the UK grocery landscape. According to the most recent Kantar figures for October 2014, Tesco’s sales have slipped by 3.6% versus a year ago. By contrast, Lidl’s sales increased by 18.3%. Recent data suggests that around one in two of us Brits now shop at Lidl or Aldi. Only a few years ago, shopping at the new breed of European discounter would have been sniffed at.  Today, there’s a certain amount of pride associated with making such a smart choice.

TBWA have caught this headwind perfectly with their confident and playful ad. They know that the public’s mood is moving more in their favour, and the hold on their purse strings that the big supermarkets have had is loosening. They are shopping more often, across more stores.

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